Jax Has Something to Say for Father’s Day

Dear Daddy,

I love you. Thank you for being my daddy. I know my journey so far has not been what you imagined for your son. I know you did not know how to deal with me being in the hospital for so long. Thank you for coming to see me so often, even though I know you hate hospitals. Thank you for doing Kangaroo Care with me as often as possible. I loved spending time with you, all snuggled close and comfy. I think Kangaroo Care helped me leave the hospital as soon as I did!

Daddy and Jax during their first Kangaroo Care
Daddy and Jax during their first Kangaroo Care

Thank you for being there for me when I was sick and tired. Thank you for learning how to change my diaper and give me a bath and feed me my bottle. Thank you for loving me, even though I had a million tubes and wires sticking out of me.

Daddy is a pro at giving me my bottle!
Daddy is a pro at giving me my bottle!

Thank you for working hard to provide for me and mommy. We know how hard you work and we know how tired you are when you get home. Thank you for taking the time to play with me, even thought I know you’d rather be resting.

I love it when you sing to me!

I can’t wait to grow bigger so I can go fishing and hunting with you, like I know you did with your dad! I know you miss your dad so much. But, I know that my Guardian Angel, Grandpa Mike, is always with us. I know he is looking down from Heaven and sending us strength. And info on the good fishing spots! I wish I could have met Grandpa Mike in person, because I think I would have seen a lot of you in him.

I know that you and mommy have not had an easy road. But, I’m glad that you can work together to stay happy and true to our family. I’m so happy to be your son! I will learn from you what it means to be a hard worker. I will learn values, and ethics, and respect from you.

I will learn how much fun it is to be silly!


I love you so much, that I thought my first word should be for you on Father’s Day…Check it out…

Daddy, I want you to know how much I love you! I want you to know how special you are to me. I look up to you. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you, Daddy!



Author: Andrea M

Oh man, what an adventure! I went into labor unexpectedly when I was 23w3d pregnant. Jaxson was born weighing 1 lb 8 oz. A tiny little peanut, but boy was he feisty. He still is! We love it now, but we probably won't when he is a teenager. I write about our journey and all other things that come with it, including a brain tumor. We look forward to "meeting" you - come hang out with us...we're pretty cool.

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