Fun with Family and Now, Isolation…

Jax had a great time with his cousins and family for Thanksgiving!

Last Saturday, Steve’s brother and his family were in town from South Dakota. We spent a wonderful day together playing and laughing and cooking over at Grandma Jan’s house. It’s always so special to be able to spend time with them. Jax loves playing with his three cousins and Sam had Jax doubled over in laughter with his “happy dance.” It was a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday!

On my side of the family, we go to a hotel on Thanksgiving eve. We eat a ton of food, play games, leg wrestle in the hallways, fly paper airplanes from the 8th floor, have gymnastics contests, and generally have a blast! And we do it quite loudly – hey, it’s impossible not to cheer when the airplane lands at the manager’s feet or when Kendall nails a back walkover. We got yelled at a few times. We might not get invited back next year.

Jax loved the freedom and did about 50 laps around the hotel with his cousin, Ellie. They wanted to make sure they didn’t miss anything, of course. Ellie is 3 months older than Jax. (They were supposed to be 7 months apart!) This was the first time they played with each other – it was awesome!

This is the best picture I got – they were constantly on the move.


On this side of the family, there are seven girl cousins and only two boys. They have to stick together!


After the hotel, we went to another family celebration. The majority of these people had never met Jax. It was very special to finally be able to introduce Jax to my cousins, aunts, and uncles on my dad’s side of the family – not to mention all of Jax’s second cousins! Jax also got to spend time with his 87 year old great grandpa, Ambrose!

great grandpa

We were incredibly excited to be able to spend this holiday with our families! Hooray for no oxygen support, stronger lungs, and an extra month of freedom!

Now, it’s time to buckle down and begin our isolation time. See ya next spring, family. We’ll miss you!


Author: Andrea M

Oh man, what an adventure! I went into labor unexpectedly when I was 23w3d pregnant. Jaxson was born weighing 1 lb 8 oz. A tiny little peanut, but boy was he feisty. He still is! We love it now, but we probably won't when he is a teenager. I write about our journey and all other things that come with it, including a brain tumor. We look forward to "meeting" you - come hang out with us...we're pretty cool.

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