Catch Up With Jax (Past Posts)

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  1. Dear Extended Family, Isolation Isn’t About You
  2. Five Things to Say to a NICU Family
  3. Pumping in the NICU: Liquid Gold or Liquid Guilt?
  4. Sensory Diet Round-Up: Tools and Techniques That Work for My Sensory Seeker
  5. Listen To Your Mother Performance: Afraid of Heights
  6. When Birthdays Bring Fear: Birth Trauma and PTSD
  7. Waiting for Lilacs (on Brain, Child Magazine)
  8. Tuck, Not Stretch (Physical Therapy for Preemies)
  9. Is One Child Enough? Thoughts on Pregnancy After a Micropreemie
  10. How Having a Preemie Changed Me (10 Things I Learned About Myself and About Life)

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