All Is Right In Our World

Great news, gang! Jaxson’s brain tumor is STABLE! It’s such a blessing to get this kind of news. We know how fortunate we have been and we don’t take that for granted. 

Jax celebrated by sitting in a loud restaurant for lunch. Loud spaces are really difficult for Jax, but it was almost like he wanted to challenge himself. 

Following his lead, we went inside and waited in line where Jax ordered himself some black beans to go along with his chicken quesadilla. Such a big kid! Then, he chose our table and we sat together for almost our entire meal. This was a first for our family since Jax learned to walk! Usually, we have to either do take-out or pack up our meals halfway through. 

It was a nice change to enjoy something so normal. Cheers to good news, family time, and progress.