Then and Now: A Picture Comparison

For some reason, a lot of preemie moms are blogging this week about a transformation, of themselves and of their children, throughout their journeys. Maybe it’s the change of seasons, or that spring is a time for growth and regrowth. Maybe it’s because Parents of Preemies Day is coming up on Sunday. Maybe people are just feeling like they need a boost – some proof that they’ve come very far, an indication that their children are progressing, that they are growing and learning, and that there is hope.

I know we’ve been feeling that way lately.

This week, Steve and I found a CD of pictures from the NICU in St. Cloud. The March of Dimes parent liaison, Jen, organized a professional photo shoot for us. But we were transferred so quickly, we never had a chance to see the pictures. Jen mailed us a CD of the photos a couple of months ago, but we forgot we had it.

When we looked, we cried.

Maybe you will, too…

Here is a transformation. Here is proof of strength. Here is hope.

Tiny boy. Look at the blue lamb.
Tiny boy. Look at the blue lamb.
Little blue lamb looking over tiny Jaxson when he was about 2 weeks old.

Now Jax is waaay bigger than that little lamb!