The Birthday Boy

“Mom, did you know that I’m not a baby anymore?” Jax asked me as I buckled him into his car seat. “I’m a big kid now,” he continued. “I’m FOUR!”

“You sure are a big kid, Little Buck,” I agreed. “But you’ll always be my baby.”

Cue tears.

Awww…my big kid really is growing up. What an awesome adventure it’s been.

Last week, we took our annual trip to the resort where I went into labor with Jax four years ago. This has been a difficult trip for me for obvious reasons. Each year has gotten a bit better for me, emotionally.

I have to say that this year was mostly fun and there was very little sadness or anxiety, so I am definitely healing.

Jax had a blast playing with his cousins and fishing on our boat.



He also had two big birthday celebrations – one at the resort with our family and one at home with his friends.

Cheers to life, and healing, and love.