Other Preemie Stories

One of the best and most surprising parts of blogging is the sense of community shared by other preemie parent bloggers. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I posted from my heart something that I didn’t think people would really “get” only to receive countless comments of support, understanding, and a lot of, “I’ve been there, too.” It makes me feel less alone as I struggle to come to terms with Jax’s early birth, subsequent NICU stay, and now navigating the waters of raising a preemie.

Other Preemie Stories

Everyone’s story deserves to be told! I opened up my blog to other preemie parents that don’t have an avenue to tell their stories. I’m honored to be able to share these stories – these kids are amazing. And their families are pretty incredible, too. If you’d like to share your story, please email jaxmully@hotmail.com for more information.

Blogs I Read

There are a lot of blogs that I read regularly. I wish that I could share a link to all of them, but that would be too overwhelming, so I tried to whittle down the list as much as I could. (I’ll update this list often.) There are a few that really stand out to me. They are honest, raw, and very well written. They speak to me. Maybe they will speak to you, too.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

  • 22w6d – James was born at 22w6d and was given life saving treatment because of a mistake in the paperwork. His mom does an incredible job advocating for her son and for all babies born on the cusp of viability.
  • Hand to Hold – a huge online resource for parents of NICU babies
  • Handpicked Miracle – Read about V, a micropreemie born at 24 weeks.
  • JAM Sessions – JAM was born at 23 weeks, just like Jax.
  • Premmeditations – Reflections on preemie parenting from a mom in the UK.
  • Stream of the Consciousness – Trisha writes about her awesome preemie twins, Search and Destroy.
  • Team Hucks – Tucker was born at 24 weeks. His mom Heather is one of the best writers out there. Her blog was the first one that stopped me in my tracks and made me say “YES – she gets it!!”



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