Oops! Sorry, Forgot an Update

Jax was healthy enough for surgery and the scan on Friday. He did a terrific job – he is so brave. He knows the routine, so he does a great job of helping the nurses and doctors. This is both helpful and sad at the same time. Helpful because he follows directions (for the most part) and isn’t scared of hospitals or medical staff or procedures. Plus, he knows he will get an orange popscicle if he is a good helper. 🙂 I am not above bribery. 

It’s sad because it’s all so commonplace for him. He actually gets excited when we go to the hospital because he knows he’ll get to play with the special fire truck. It’s just his life.

He is doing fairly well with recovery. We are home, so that helps. He’s been getting lots of presents and special treats which help brighten his day. We’ve been painting and doing fun projects. He got a special visit from Grandma today and I thought he was going to jump through the roof he was so excited. We’ve also been playing outside in the beautiful spring weather.

Tomorrow we have the appointment with the oncologist to go over the results of the brain MRI. In the past, they have called the day of the scan with good news. They haven’t called yet, which makes me a bit nervous. But no news is good news, and that’s what I’m going with for now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. 

My daffodils bloomed today, so I’m taking that as a good sign.