The Night Before the Ninth Surgery

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, Jax is having his ninth surgery. This surgery is to repair his hypospadias. After the surgery, he will have an MRI of his brain and spine to check on the tumor. It’s a lot of pieces to coordinate, so hopefully everything goes smoothly! We’ll keep you updated via our Facebook page, so if you’re not following us yet, jump on over and say hi!

A few haikus for the day…


“Is it time to go?”

You are so excited, boy!

Sorry, in advance.


Mama’s head hurts now.

Grind teeth, toss and turn: repeat.

These scans are a bitch.


“Hops-it-TOL! Let’s GO!”

Play-Doh, movies, markers, toys.

Oh, and stitches, too.


What if it has changed?

Nope. We can’t go there right now.

Anxiety sucks.


My sweet baby boy,

Maybe this will be the last

Hope is powerful.


Will you join us tomorrow by keeping the Universe buzzing with positive thoughts and prayers? Here are some Prayer Points, if you are so inclined:

  1. Surgery starts on time.
  2. Jax’s nurses are kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable.
  3. The surgeon is able to fully repair the hypospadias so that this is the LAST surgery Jax ever has to have.
  4. The MRIs show stable results with nothing that looks “interesting.”
  5. Jax wakes up feeling ok after the anesthesia and that his pain is manageable.
  6. Jax takes his medication well and does not have an adverse reaction to the medication.
  7. The oncologist is able to call us immediately with the MRI results. (Otherwise, we have to wait until Tuesday for results. That’s a long time to wait on news about a brain tumor…)
  8. Jax does not have to spend the night in the hospital.
  9. Recovery is smooth, Jax’s catheter stays put for two weeks, and the follow-up appointment with the surgeon is uneventful.

OK- that’s plenty. We all have a lot of positive thinking to do. 😉

An Early Start
This big kid! My heart is full.