7 Months and Kicking

Happy 7 month birthday, Jax! Jax has been celebrating this week by sleeping in his own room in his “big boy” crib for the first time, playing (sorta) with cousin Ellie, trying sweet potatoes and getting sick from them, and trying to kick his “guys” to the curb. It’s been a fun week!

It's my birthday, yo.
It’s my birthday, yo.

I love this video of Jax tasting sweet potatoes for the first time. I love how he takes a few seconds to test them out and when he realizes he likes the taste, he gives a big smile! Too bad they made him a cranky, irritable, very uncomfortable little boy. I think we’ll hold off on those for a little while and try again when his tummy can handle more fibrous foods. Next up: zucchini!

Jax is trying to bring his guys down…

I guess my post from yesterday hit home with a lot of other preemie parents out there…so far on the blog today, we’ve had 1,330 views! That’s more than triple the usual amount! I can’t really believe this number – it’s amazing to think that so many people are reading about our little family. I ran into one of our followers yesterday at Target – she came up to me out of the blue and said “Your Jax is amazing! I love the way you write and the first thing I do each day is check to see if there are any updates.” Wow. Just, wow. It’s very cool knowing that you’re all out there – thanks for being a part of our family!