The Amazing Shrinking Tumor

Gang, you will not believe the news we got today. It’s amazing, exciting, and a little bit breathtaking: the tumor is SMALLER!

When Jax was first diagnosed last year, doctors said this type of tumor could do one of three things: grow, stay the same, or shrink. Of course, we hoped with all of our might that each scan would show shrinkage.

The last scan showed growth, so we didn’t know what to expect. We were nervous for this scan and we certainly didn’t think we’d see a smaller tumor!

We are so relieved! Maybe this is the turning point – maybe it’s finally time for us to get a break and start settling in to our “normal” life – one without a million doctors and specialists. It would really be a dream come true to finally stop living a life of anxiety and stress about medical stuff.

The best news of the day for me is that Jax doesn’t have to go in for another MRI for NINE MONTHS! WhooHOO!


Mom and Jax celebrated the good news with a special treat. <3
Mom and Jax celebrating the good news with a special ice cream treat. I love the look on Jax’s face here.