Frosting Fanatic and a Holiday Greeting

Jax likes frosting. A lot. He normally doesn’t get much sugar, so when we allow a treat he really digs in! Today, we made cookies with frosting! Jax is a good helper in the kitchen – he’s learning how to scoop and stir and spread. It’s fun to see his smile when he completes a task. He got the milk from the fridge and said “Ohh! Muscles, me.” Haha – my strong little Yoda…


Our family celebrates Christmas, and we are starting the season off with a bang on Saturday with the first of 5 holiday celebrations! This is an especially exciting season for us this year because it is the first time Jax will be able to attend our large, extended family Christmas gatherings!

Unfortunately, our little Yoda has been sick since Thanksgiving – nothing too serious, but a cough and wheezing have required increased nebs and breathing treatments. His cough has gotten worse over the last few days and sounds “chesty” – which is worrisome. We will be starting another round of oral steroids with the hope that they will help him overcome this sickness without any more intervention. I knew we would be dealing with a lot of sickness the first winter out of isolation, I just didn’t know it would be almost constant! Doc says that as long as he clears up in between sicknesses, then we’re still doing the right thing by allowing him to be exposed to germs.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! We are thankful for your love and support! Thanks for reading and for joining us on our journey. We love you, gang. ❤