Dear Mom Waiting For a Diagnosis: Five Things to Remember – A Post on Preemie Babies 101

Jax’s next brain scan is on Tuesday. I am so anxious! I know there is nothing logical about this, but Steve and I both have a bad feeling about this one. Maybe it’s because we’re at the 6 month mark of “watching and waiting.” Or maybe it’s because they saw a slight change (of a millimeter) last time, but they blamed it on the different MRI machines.

This time, we are going back to the original MRI machine, so we will have a true comparison. Let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed that the mysterious millimeter is not an issue, ok?

I wrote an article that was published on a popular preemie website today. It’s a letter to other moms who are waiting for a serious diagnosis, but maybe it’s mostly a reminder to myself to breathe and stay positive as we wait for the results of this brain scan.

If you know anyone who could use some encouragement, too, please share this article – it’s one of my favorites.

Read the article: Dear Mom Waiting For a Diagnosis: Five Things to Remember

Dear mom waiting for a diagnosis