Preemie Babies 101 Post: Preemies and Ear Tubes

One of my articles was published today on Preemie Babies 101. It’s a short article that describes ourPreemies and Ear Tubes experience with ear tubes for Jax. Jax had significant hearing loss because of the fluid build-up in his ears. The tubes helped drain the fluid and immediately helped improve his hearing!

After that, he started with speech therapy and has been making huge strides in speech!

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Even though Jax has been making incredible progress in speech and other areas, Jax was officially diagnosed with a developmental delay last week. Because of this, Jax will be enrolled in special education preschool for the fall. This is bittersweet for me. Of course I want Jax to get everything he needs to succeed in school, but it was still really hard to hear the works “developmental delay” and consider what that might mean for Jax’s future. Lots of mixed emotions over here, gang! I’ll write more about it all in another post…