A Sickie Kid and the Emergency Room

Jax had a great weekend! We spent the night in a hotel with some friends and we all had a great time swimming at the water park! Jax found some new friends…and apparently found some germs, too.

He was having trouble breathing, and it happened fast. Ususally when Jax has respiratory issues, we have a warning because it starts as a cold. This time, it was all lungs! We brought him into the pediatrician because his nebs weren’t working and I was worried that he might have swallowed some water and aspirated water into his lungs.

We could not get in with our regular pediatrician, so we saw a new one. We will not do that again! He did a chest X-ray and told us that he had “a little pneumonia.” There’s really no such thing as “a little pneumonia” for a kid like Jax! Plus, his O2 was 91%, which is precarious for our kiddo with Chronic Lung Disease. And then he sent us home. This would have been fine, if it had been our usual pediatrician, but things just weren’t sitting well for us.

We decided to take Jax to the Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital. It’s our go-to place for respiratory distress. Next time, if we can’t get an appointment with a pediatrician that knows Jax and his history, we will go directly to Children’s! The radiologist at Children’s read the X-ray and did not see any pneumonia, so that’s good! After a “suped-up” nebulilzer, Jax’s stats were hovering right around 93% – which is better than 91%.

So, we felt more comfortable coming home and following our “Red Zone” asthma action plan.

Kiddo is feeling much better today and has more energy, so that’s a good sign. It still sounds like a truck is rumbling around in his chest, so it’s a day of movies and books for us.

Never a a dull day in Jax-land!