Are you an (Extra)ordinary Mom?

Being a parent is hard. Being a special needs parent is extra hard. Raising children with extra needs is exhausting, scary and intense. logoThe highs are higher, but the lows are lower. And finding friends who understand that you can be thankful for what you have and still fear the future is just plain hard.

I’m excited to announce a new blog and offline meet up group to bring together the extraordinary moms (and dads) who connect because we just “get it.”

We’re not ordinary parents. Our kids have “extra” needs and so we do, too.

We are (extra)ordinary.

I started (Extra)ordinary Moms with my friend, Emily. We met each other in a support group for families of children with special needs. Over time, we realized that while the group was a great place to connect with other families, there were a lot of families who weren’t able to come because of the time slot and others who weren’t allowed to come because their child’s extra needs weren’t “special” enough.

Even though our paths are different, we found hope and inspiration in each other – and we want to give others a chance to do the same thing.

Whether medical, emotional, sensory, or genetic, our kids’ extra needs don’t start or end in the same ways. If you’ve ever told someone your story and heard, “Wow, I could never do what you do” only to think “Well, it’s not like I had a choice. I love my kid, so I do it. And I do it with love,” this is the site for you.

We do the same things ordinary moms do: we sneak veggies into the spaghetti, we scramble to get everyone out the door in the morning, and we do our best to balance being moms and being ourselves. We also talk like doctors, research like librarians, play like therapists, and manage drugs like pharmacists.

It’s not easy to say it – let alone believe it sometimes – but we are extraordinary. YOU are extraordinary. I hope you’ll join us on our new Facebook page and blog.

(Don’t worry, I will still continue to write about Jax’s adventures here, so stick around! 🙂 )