Little Boy, Little Boy What Do You See?

Today Jax has his second appointment with his pediatric ophthalmologist. At the last appointment, we learned that Jax is near-sighted and that he has a slight astigmatism. Jax’s pupils are also slightly different in size and when Jax is tired we notice a slight “lazy” eye and a drooping eye lid on the left eye. All of these things can be side effects of the Avastin injections and laser surgery that Jax had to combat his Retinopathy of Prematurity.

Babies with severe ROP requiring treatment, like Jax, are at greater risk for strabismusglaucomacataracts and shortsightedness (myopia) later in life, so we know we’ll have (at least) yearly follow-up ophthalmologist appointments for the rest of Jax’s life.

During this appointment, we will learn if Jax needs glasses or not!

It’s a two hour appointment, so it will be a challenge since Jax doesn’t like to sit still for very long. 🙂 Thankfully, Steve is able to come with us today. He got called off of work because when it’s -30° with wind chill, the equipment doesn’t work – which is a sign that people shouldn’t work outside in this cold, either!

Wish us luck! And maybe later you’ll see some stylin’ new glasses for the dude!

Big kisses from the big kid!
Big kisses from the big kid!