A Few Years at the Orchard

Our anniversary is coming up next week! It’s been an eventful six years, that’s for sure. Lots of heartbreak and hope. Lots of adventures and boring nights at home. Lots of love and a little bit of annoyance! Over the years and through all the ups and downs, we’ve stuck together.

Each year, we visit the apple orchard where were were married. We love going back there and reminiscing.


It’s especially fun to bring Jax! He had a blast this year picking the apples, taking one bite, and then throwing them on the ground.

child picking apple

child taking bite of apple

I think he liked the tractor wagon ride the best! I love this picture – Jax looks so big here, but he never let go of Steve.

tractor wagon ride

Spending the day at the orchard was a fun way to honor and celebrate our family!

family photo