A Fun Time Fishing Indoors

Jax got a fishing pole for his 1st birthday. Steve is counting down the days to when he can take his son fishing. Since Minnesota is mean, it’s been cold and rainy (and even snowy) this week, so there is no hope in sight of getting out in our boat.

We decided to go fishing anyway…inside!

Steve invented this game when he was a boy. He cut fish out of newspaper and made a fishing pole out of a stick and some string. I love that imagination!

He and his younger brother would pretend to go fishing over their stair railing. Steve would be down in the “lake” and his brother would cast over the railing. Steve would attach a fish to the string. The bigger the fish, the harder it fought! They played for hours together practicing for the “big day” when they could actually go fishing with their dad in his fishing boat!

We thought it was time for Jax to learn a little something about fishing, too! 🙂


We cut out a bunch of fish in different shapes, sizes, and colors. And I added a boot and a starfish for good measure. Then, I put a piece of Velcro on each fish’s mouth and another piece on the weight of the fishing pole.

We put a blanket up between two chairs, and voila – we had a fishing hole!

indoor fishing


Jax didn’t really get it! But he did love chasing the fishing pole weight when Daddy cast it out. We caught a lot of fish named Jax. 😉


It was a fun activity for being trapped inside because of the rain. We will play again for sure! What are your favorite indoor activities for toddlers?