Storing Up A Sunny Day

Jax and I have been spending every single waking moment outside lately. Well. Maybe not every moment, but you get the idea. We’re storing up the sunshine and fresh air.

Because in a few short months (or maybe even weeks), it will be winter here in Minnesota. And winter in Minnesota sucks. There’s no nicer way to say that. One year, it snowed 2 feet on Halloween…really.

I’m in a bit of a funk about it. I’m procrastinating. I haven’t updated the list of lockdown activities. Jax doesn’t have a winter coat yet, or a pair of boots. I haven’t checked my car tires to see if they will make it through another winter.

I haven’t cleaned up my garden. If I can go pick a green bean or a tomato, that means it’s still summer! Today, I picked 4 green beans and the plants are definitely at the end of their season. It’s time.

Jax hiding behind the artichokes.
Jax hiding behind the artichokes.
Digging in the dirt
Jax loves working in the garden with mama!

But I don’t want it to be winter yet! If i just hold off for as long as I can with all of these chores and spend as much time outside then I don’t have to think about what’s coming… right?

A Winter Wonderland

Oh well. No use making it worse than it needs to be. I guess we will enjoy it while we can! We’re going to play outside!