Introducing Jax’s Newest Guardian Angel

Today, Jaxson’s Great Grandma became an angel. I’m thankful to her for taking on the role of Jax’s Guardian Angel. You can never have too many of those… There is no doubt in my mind she is looking over us and giving us hope for peace and comfort. And she’s probably drinking a bunch of red wine and enjoying some delicious dark chocolate, too!

Last week, Grandma and Grandpa were packing to go camping. Her last wish was to go fishing. Unfortunately, she was not able to catch that fish. My Grandma, Jane, was 77 when she passed away this morning from complications from Chronic Lung Disease. (That is strange to write – CLD is the same disease that Jax struggles with.)

She was creative. Her walls were graced with paintings that she painted before arthritis kept her from holding the paintbrush. She made pottery back in the day. She kept a house filled with statues and treasures and art.

Her garden was a beautiful, wild mess, just like mine is! Over the years, she has given me plants from her garden to plant in mine: Siberian Iris, Tiger Lily, Daisy, a bunch of other stuff that we couldn’t remember the names of… We talked for hours about different plants, what was blooming, what wasn’t. When my mom (her daughter) died she planted a new garden in her yard called “Gwenn’s Garden. I’m looking forward to continuing the tradition by planting for her. I think she’s probably really happy that there are no weeds in Heaven.

She was an excellent writer. She told me last week “Well, you got your good writing skills from me, you know!” Yes. I already knew that…

Over the last few months (since Grandma and Grandpa returned from their winter home in Arizona), Jax and I visited every week. I’m so glad that Jax had the opportunity to get to know his Great Grandma! I think they had a special bond, too. She would always say “Say Great Grandma, Jax!” And was convinced “Great Grandma” would be one of his first words. 🙂 A few days ago, Jax started saying “Ga” – so maybe she wasn’t too far off on that one!

I really owe her alot: a love of being creative. A love of gardens. A love of writing. And now I get to teach Jax to appreciate all of these things, too.

Say hi to mom for me, Grandma. We miss you already!

Jax playing with his Great Grandma
Jax playing with his Great Grandma
Great Grandma, mom, and Jax sharing a laugh
Three Generations: Great Grandma, mom, and Jax sharing a laugh