Going Back to the Scene of a Trauma (Guest Post on Preemie Babies 101)

We are coming up on Jax’s 2nd birthday, if you can believe it. All kinds of memories and thoughts are swirling around in my head. On one (very happy and very grateful) hand, our tiny 23 weeker is doing amazingly well. He’s meeting most of his milestones and he’s growing into a not-so-tiny “tank” of a little boy.

But on the other hand, there are so many terrifying memories that come along with his birth day.

I’m better than I was last year around Jax’s first birthday, which is a relief. But sometimes, PTSD rears it’s ugly head when you’re least expecting it. It’s just something that many preemie parents, I think, keep in mind for many years to come after the birth of their preemie.

For me, it was healing to return to the scene of the biggest trauma of my life. You can read about it on the Preemie Babies 101 website today:

Going Back to the Scene of a Trauma: Finding Closure and Healing

Here’s a picture of “Jax’s” first year at Boy Lake. This photo was taken the day before Jax was born, when we still thought he was going to be a little girl!

The day before Jax was born.
The day before Jax was born.

Here’s a picture of our tiny tough guy up at Boy Lake when he was one year old.


I hope that when we go this year, it will be more like a “vacation spot” again instead of a “trauma spot.”

Have you been back to the scene of a traumatic event? Was it a healing experience for you? Have you been back more than once? Did it get easier for you?