A Friday Update (Mmm…avocados!)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Jax had a great week. He’s been eating like a rock star. He likes rice cereal and looooves avocado. Today, he gets to try sweet potato for the first time.


Yesterday, we had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Wolpert, Jax’s urologist. He said everything looks perfect after his hernia surgery last month. We will meet with him again in 6 months (August) to make a plan for the hypospadias surgery. He decided that rather than do the surgery at his 1 year (actual) birthday, he wants to do the surgery at his 1 year adjusted age. Are you confused yet? In other words, we’re looking at surgery in  November instead of August. While we’re not looking forward to another surgery, we are really excited about how long we’re stretching out these appointments! We’ve gone from 3 – 4 appointments a week, down to 1 a week, and now we’re at about 1 every other week! It’s great not spending so much time at the doctor!

After our appointment, we stopped in at the NICU to say hi to our nurses. It’s so fun to see them! Our primary nurse, Kate, scooped him up and didn’t let go for 20 minutes. Jax snuggled in like he knew her. He wasn’t his usual smiley, chattery self, but she did get a glimpse of his little smirk. So far, we’ve seen all but one of our primary nurses. We’re going to make a special trip one of these days to see her, since we don’t have to go back for an appointment at the hospital for a very long time.

We got 6 inches of snow today, so it’s a winter wonderland out there. And our furnace is broken (again). Brrr…but the fix-it guys are on their way, so hopefully it’s up and running again soon!  I hope you have a great weekend!

Hooray, it's the weekend!
Hooray, it’s the weekend!