Memorial Day (A Parade, an Honor, and a Visit)

This morning, Jax went to his first parade! He was mesmerized by the band and the military trucks and the flashing lights on the firetrucks. He didn’t crack a smile once because I think he was too amazed by all the new sights and sounds. I love small-town Minnesota!




We are thankful today for all the people who have served (including our Grandfathers, our uncles, and my cousin), those who are serving, and those who have fallen in service to our great country. We thank you and your families for your sacrifices. We are honored to give thanks to you today, and every day.

On Memorial Day, we also remember those who make an impact on our lives from Heaven. Today, we will think of hope and patience when we think of my mom, and we will think of a peaceful lake with lots of fish and the beauty of the outdoors when we think of Steve’s Dad.


My mom was cremated. At her request, I made her 5 urns out of clay. One urn held the ashes she wanted spread at turn 4 at Brainerd International Raceway. (If you knew my mom, this makes sense!) We split up the remaining ashes between my dad, me, my brother, and my sister. So, each of us holds a little piece of my mom close. I know my dad chose to release some of her ashes on different motorcycle trips he took in the years after she died. Steve and I blessed our garden with them. Mom is literally all around us! (Is that creepy? I don’t mean for it to be!) While I appreciate that, I do sometimes wish there was “a place” I could go to be with her.

Today, we took Jax to see his Grandpa’s grave for the first time. He sat in the cool breeze and reached out, almost as if to say “Hi, Grandpa! Want to go fishing?”


Today, we are grateful. We are grateful we knew them and that they continue to influence us every day. But, man, do we miss them!

We hope your Memorial Day is filled with gratitude, honor, and good memories.