An Ode To Moms

Friend, I see that you are a hard worker.

You work from home, you work in the office, you work in the factory, you don’t work at all. You work for someone else, you work for yourself, you work for your kids. You like working; you feel guilty for working. Great job, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Friend, I see that you love your children.

You play with your kids, you make projects and plan activities. You sign your kids up for organized activities so you don’t have to plan things to do. Your family likes to hike in the woods. You guys like to watch TV and play on the computer. You sound like a lot of fun, can we join you?

Friend, I see that you nourish your children.

You breastfed and formula fed your babies. Your family eats organic, locally grown food. You guys eat at McDonalds everyday. You cook everyday; you buy pre-packaged meals. Sounds delish – can I come over for dinner?

Friend, I see that your family means the world to you.

You’re married, single, and you live with your partner. You have one child; you have six. You get babysitters; you don’t trust anyone else to take care of your kids. You’re a free-range parent; you’re a helicopter parent. You have neurotypical kids; you have kids with extra needs. You are an interesting family, wanna hang out sometime?

Friend, there is no need to compare or question another mom’s approach to parenting. We’re all just doing the best we can. We are different, that’s for sure, and that’s what makes life interesting. We do have a two things in common, though:

  1. We love our kids with all our hearts.
  2. We are good moms.

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