My Favorite Moments of Motherhood

It’s no secret how much I adore Jax. Being his mother is the best thing I have ever done. It is also the most stressful, scary, surprising, and difficult thing I have ever done. Honestly, it’s easy to get lost in the details sometimes. I’m busy making doctors appointments and scheduling surgeries and MRIs, filling out mountains of paperwork, looking for ideas and toys to help with his therapy plans, wondering and worrying about what’s coming next…

But then, I look at my bright little boy bouncing around the room singing his favorite songs and I know that everything is worth it. Everything will be ok…even if it’s not.

Favorite Moments of Motherhood #1: The First Time I Held My Son

Kangaroo Care with a Vented Micro Preemie

Favorite Moments of Motherhood #2: The Day We Brought Our Son Home From the NICU

Discharge from the NICU

Favorite Moments of Motherhood #3: The Season My Son Became A Nature-Lover

wonder and nature

Favorite Moments of Motherhood #4: The Day My Son Said “I Love You!”


Favorite Moments of Motherhood #5: The Day Last Week When My Son Turned to Me and Said “I happy!” ❤


To everyone who has a mother’s heart (whether your children are  a twinkle in your eye, are here on Earth or in Heaven, are from another mother, have 2 or 4 legs, or are in the hospital or at home), and to everyone who is missing their mom or wishes they were a mom, Happy Mother’s Day.