Have You Hugged A Doctor Today?

Today we had Jaxson’s hospital follow-up and pre-op appointment. He got cleared for surgery next week. Whew. That was close.

“I usually feel confident with Jax’s care. I usually feel like I know what to do! This time, I did not.” I told the doctor as he was examining Jax.

This sickness was so unusual for Jax! He wasn’t showing his regular “emergency room” symptoms, so I second guessed myself the whole way there. And once we got admitted, I second guessed why I didn’t bring him sooner.

As we were leaving,  the doc gave me a hug! He said he trusted me. He told me I was a good mom. I needed to hear that!


Jax is ok. That’s what matters. He’s still tired and crabby but I don’t blame him!

In all this, I forgot to share an article I had published on Preemie Babies 101. it’s a tribute to one of our doctors. They really do make a huge difference!

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