First Visit with Santa

This Christmas season has been so fun! Jax has realized how much joy can come from opening (and giving) presents and he has learned who Santa Claus is.

We haven’t actively taught Jax about Santa. He has never met him in person because of our isolation restrictions the last two seasons. So, I’ve been surprised about Jax’s interest in Santa.

Yesterday, Jax was very concerned about Santa as he peered out the window at our grassy and muddy yard. We are having a very mild winter and there is no snow. “Where’s the SNOW? What about SANTA’s SLEIGH? What’s he gonna DO?”

When our friends told us that Santa was going to visit their house, we knew we wanted Jax to experience that, too. (We felt much more comfortable with this Santa experience because there was no risk of unknown germs or long lines!)

The kids were so excited when they heard Santa’s reindeer on the roof and the sleigh bells.

When Santa arrived, he asked Jax what is name was. Jax replied “Present.”

That’s true, my love, you are a present to your mom and dad. Our brave, kind and funny boy.

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