The Month of July

I remember liking the month of July a lot – sunshine, BBQs, and beaches. I’m sure July is still a lovely month. But the last three July’s have been traumatic for me. And that makes it difficult to relax and enjoy the fun.

Last year in July, we found out that Jax had a brain tumor. Two weeks later, we celebrated his 2nd birthday.


The year before that, Jax started helmet therapy for plagiocephaly and began occupational and physical therapies. Doctors had just started mentioning possible brain damage caused by his prematurity.


The year before that, I was airlifted from a beautiful lakeside resort to a hospital hours away from home where I delivered my son more than 4 months early.


Jax has his next brain MRI to check on the tumor scheduled for August 15. He will undergo a third surgery to repair his hypospadias at the same time. This is good because that means he only has to go under anesthesia once this summer/fall. Hopefully the tumor is stable. Hopefully Jax will be fully healed from the hypospadias surgery before he starts preschool in September.

So far, this summer has been uneventful. I’m hoping it stays that way.

Maybe then next year I’ll be able to enjoy July again!