All Healed Up

Jax had a rough couple of weeks after surgery. He was in a lot of pain and would cry “Mommy, please give me medicine.” 😦 He was very sensitive to the catheter, so he had frequent and severe bladder spasms, which were heartbreaking to watch since there was really nothing I could do to help.

He is such a trooper! When he felt ok, he played like a champ and ran circles around me like usual.

The doctor took the catheter out on Monday – hooray! It is SO good to be done with that. Jax is still feeling some residual effects from the surgery and catheter, so I’m trying to cut him some slack. We took a special trip to visit Grandpa Mike and Uncle Adam at work where they are building an addition. It was a jackpot for Jax – he LOVES construction equipment.

preschooler at construction site

The surgeon says that everything looks perfect and he’s very confident this will be the last repair needed! We have to back in three months to be sure that everything is healing properly and that there is no scar tissue causing any problems.

After that, we might be able to check this specialist off our list – as you know, that is my favorite thing to do. 🙂

Jax will go back to daycare tomorrow for the first time since surgery. He will be so happy to see his friends – they have been asking about him. And, frankly, I will be thankful for the time to regroup and recover myself – I realize how much these surgeries affect me, too. It’s so difficult to see my child in pain. I need some time out in the woods with the sun and the wind to refuel and get back on track. A hike in the forest is calling my name!