Send Jax a Video

Our little guy misses his people. Send him a video to cheer him up!

After a very scary and stressful day on Monday, Jax has been able to start slowly weaning off the oxygen.

Yesterday, he went almost four hours without any support at all! He had to go back on 3 liters around 3:00 and needed less and less as the night wore on. This is actually kind of backwards: most kids need more support at night, but now Jax seems to be doing the opposite. He just likes to do things his own way. 😉

He hasn’t needed any oxygen since 5:30 this morning, so that is definitely a step in the right direction! We will see how long he can go today without support.

It’s really been a lot of ups and downs. It’s hard on this mama’s heart to see my child so sick and sad. My sister is coming to spend the day with us and to give me a break so I can take a shower and a walk. When I told Jax she was coming, he said “Cousins be here.” Our little guy misses his people.

I have an idea! If you’re up for it, will you make Jax a video? It could be of something you think he would find cool or simply you saying “HI!” I think it would really cheer him up to see everyone’s faces. You can post your video on the Facebook page or email to text them to me and I’ll show Jax throughout the day.

Also, if you don’t follow the Facebook page yet, you should because I’ll be posting more updates and pictures there because it’s easier and quicker than writing a blog post.

Thanks for all of the incredible love and support, gang. We really appreciate you.