Listen To Your Mother Performance: Afraid of Heights

If you would have asked me four years ago if I would have been brave enough to stand on stage in front of 700 people at the Twin Cities Listen to Your Mother show in May, I would have said you were way off the mark. I’ve always been a fairly private person so the fact that I’ve been openly sharing details about the most emotional, terrifying, and joyful events of my life (on stage and on this blog) is a bit of a surprise to me.

I started this blog because there was something in me that I needed to figure out – I needed to make sense of what had happened and heal my heart and head so I could be a great mother to Jaxson.

So much more has happened since then. I’ve found a purpose I never knew existed. This quote by Elizabeth Gilbert is right on target:

I want you to do the work that sets your head on fire—your own head on fire. I want you to do the work that changes your imagination. I want you to do the work that ignites you and brings you to life; that makes you feel like you’re on fire and alive and delighted. And I want you to liberate yourself from the idea that it has to save the world. And I want you to trust that if you are creating something that comes from an authentic, excited, original, and passionate place, it will change people’s lives accidentally and in strange and curious and unusual and unexpected ways.”

I was honored to be a part of the Twin Cities Listen to Your Mother cast. Here’s my video – it’s proof that I’m working on setting my head (and heart) on fire!

If you’d like to watch more videos from the inspiring and strong women I shared the stage with, here’s the full playlist.