Planning Ahead for Lock-Down and a Big, Important Decision: What Should Jax Be for Halloween?

Hooray for fall! This is my favorite season and Jax and I have been outside enjoying it as much as possible. It only lasts for so long here in Minnesota. I’m not really looking forward to what’s coming down the pike: lock-down for cold and flu season, being cooped up inside with a boy who really loves to be with other people, below freezing temperatures, lots of snow… I’m working on a list of activities for us to do when it’s too cold to play outside. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Sensory play (dried beans, whip cream, water)
  2. Puppet show
  3. Finger painting
  4. Shape sorters

This will last us about 2 days. I think Pinterest will become my best friend!

Help me! If you have any more ideas of activities for a 1-year-old that we can do inside over the winter – please let me know in the comments!

I’ve noticed that Jax is very scattered. He will play independently for quite some time, but he jumps from one thing to another almost constantly. He also gets very frustrated very quickly if he can’t do something or if things aren’t going his way. When he gets frustrated, he gives up.  I’ve been working on the concept of “one more” to get Jax to focus on an activity for longer than 30 seconds. I’ve also introduced the sign for “help” to give him a way to ask for help if he needs it so he doesn’t get frustrated and give up. Does anyone have suggestions for activities, games, etc that might help him with this?

And, now for some fun! Will you help us decide what Jax should be for Halloween? (I know the last poll didn’t go so well! We loved the results, but just had a hard time finding the right materials to make it happen!) This time, we will follow through, I promise!