Major Rager: Just Another Reason Chronic Lung Disease Sucks

We left the doctor’s office in tears. But, at least we’re home! We were *this close* to being sent to Children’s Hospital today.

Jax caught a cold yesterday and it has already moved into his lungs. This is pretty typical for Jax. His Chronic Lung Disease gives simple colds a fun extra twist and turns them into lung infections or pneumonia very quickly.

When his neb didn’t work this morning, I knew it was time to bring him to the doctor.

Usually when we go in for breathing problems, I pack a bag prepared for a hospital stay. I’ve never had to use it. Today, I left that bag at home and it was the only time the doctor has mentioned a hospital stay. Go figure!

While at the office, he got two “suped up” nebs and a HUGE dose of oral steroids to help release the tightness in his lungs. All that and his O2 levels only went up 1 point. But that 1 point saved us from being sent immediately to the hospital.

When you think of the term “roid rager” I’m sure the image our our adorable two-year-old does not immediately come to mind. But, the medicine really effects Jax and boy can this kid rage. Hard. Throwing things. Yelling. Pounding on the wall. Screaming, crying, hitting me. Trying to hit the nurse.

I’m sure it didn’t help that on top of the medicine, we had been there for two hours, it was past lunch time, and it was nap time.

I braved the stares in the waiting room as I walked out of the office holding my tantruming boy as tight as I could so he wouldn’t wriggle out of my grasp. He’s pretty strong for a boy who can barely breathe.

We’re on the high alert. A trip to Children’s isn’t out of the question for today. But at least we’re home for now.

You know the boy isn't feeling well when he lies down  to play!
You know the boy isn’t feeling well when he lies down to play!