A Boy Underwater (Swimming Lessons)

Jax started swimming lessons!


I was worried that the chemicals would make his Chronic Lung Disease and sensitive skin flare up.  Apparently, things have changed a lot since I was in swimming lessons – the water is more salt than chlorine! It’s actually helping to heal some of Jax’s skin rashes and eczema – crazy!

He’s making great progress – tonight he put his mouth in the water and kept it closed. Haha – up until now, the kid was guzzling gallons of nasty pool water each time we tried to put his face in the water. I guess he learned his lesson. 😉


We still have a long way to go, but so far he’s getting more comfortable with the water. He’s stopped freaking out when we get his head wet in the bath and he’s even started pouring cups of water over his own head!

And when we got home tonight and took off his swim diaper, he peed on the floor. Three times. Rolling commando is risky business around here.

Here fishy, fishy.

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Jax loooooves his teacher. Look at that little flirt!
Jax loooooves his teacher. Look at that little flirt!
On his best behavior for teacher.