Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities

I can’t believe the Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities show is just a few days away! And guess what? The show has SOLD OUT!

That means I’ll be standing on stage telling my story in front of 700 people. Plus the show will be recorded and shared on the LTYMShow YouTube channel.


Last week, the Twin Cities cast got together for rehearsal. The stories are riveting, heartbreaking, funny, and important. It is an absolute honor to be among these amazing women.

2016 Twin Cities Listen to Your Mother Cast | Photo by Glimpses of Soul Photography |

Here’s an excerpt from one of the emails I received from the LTYM producers. I think it represents what the LTYM show is all about. I also think it fits in with what I try to do here on An Early Start – if I can give one person hope, then I’m doing my job.

“Thank you for taking a huge leap by sharing your story with LTYM, and with your friends and neighbors this spring. You’re giving the Twin Cities a Mother’s Day gift like no other–an electrifying celebration of the work of motherhood that brings people together via laughter, tears, and so many nods of recognition. Don’t be surprised if audience members approach you in the lobby after the show and say “me too.” This is what LTYM’s megaphone represents–your ability and willingness to give voice not just for you, but also for many others who share a similar experience, but are not yet (and may never be) ready to stand at a podium and speak it into a microphone in front of hundreds of moms, dads, sons, and daughters.”

I can’t wait!