And the Winner Is…

Holy votes, batman! Thank you all for taking time to vote for Jax’s helmet design. It was so fun to see the responses. We had a lot of “Other” votes: Marley Dreads, Beatles Hair, R2D2, a garden theme, a racing stripe, a puppy, a blowfish, a a ton more creative and great ideas.

It was a close race, but the winner is…. {drum roll}

Vikings Horns!

I know Steve is very happy about this!

Now, if only I would have thought ahead to *how* we were going to do this decorating…does anyone have an idea of where we could get Vikings decals or stickers?

Jax is doing really well with the helmet. He doesn’t care one.little.bit about wearing it. Whew!

Since our last post, many other parents have reached out to us and shared their experiences with the Cranio-Cap and Physical and Occupational Therapy. Everyone has positive things to say. So, now we know that it won’t be that bad. Thanks, everyone for helping us along our way…it’s a relief to know that we are not alone, and it’s a blessing to be able to learn from others who have been there.

Rocking the helmet (and a good mood)!
Rocking the helmet (and a good mood)!