Sunshine, Angels, and Love (Our Wedding Was Awesome…I’m Just Saying)

Four years ago, over Labor Day weekend, I married my best friend, my favorite singer, and a man that makes me laugh every day. It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine, nature, angels, 400 of our closest friends and family members, and love.


I knew even then that Steve and I would make it through what ever came our way. I read a statistic the other day that 8 out of 10 couples separate after a stressful situation like death or a medical event. I’m so thankful that we both consciously decided that wasn’t going to be our story. If anything, I think the last five years (and the death of my mom, his dad, our dog, and the birth of Jax more than 4 months early) have brought us closer together. We are more open with our feelings. We’re more apt to celebrate the small stuff. We stand by each other 100%.

I don’t often write about Steve on the blog here. And that’s because he’s the one constant in my life. He works hard to provide for our family so I can stay home with Jax. He makes up songs for Jax and sings them in goofy voices. He makes me laugh every single day. I really couldn’t ask for a better partner and friend. So, our anniversary this year is definitely one to celebrate!


We are looking forward to visiting the Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard this weekend to visit our ceremony site, take a wagon ride, pick some apples, and reflect on our perfect wedding day like we do every year. It’s going to be even better this year, because we’ll have this cool dude with us! With a hairdo like this…what more could we ask for?! (Except for maybe a smile!)


Have a great weekend! What are your plans?