At the Job-site: Picture Comparison

Often times the first thing Jax says when he wakes up in the morning is “Where’s Daddy? Oh. Dad’s at work.”

(Seriously, he says all of that plain as day – speech delay, smeech delay.)

On Friday, we got lucky – Steve was working at a job-site near our house, so we got to make a special visit. Jax was awe-struck when we pulled into the lot and he saw the bulldozer, skid loader, and forklift. He also liked to stare at the flash welding, which wasn’t so good!

Steve usually has to wear 5 layers of clothing plus his safety equipment and a hardhat, so Jax wan’t sure who was walking up to us at first. But when he recognized his daddy, he broke out in a HUGE grin and said “OH – Dad’s at WORK!”

Jax has visited his Daddy one other time at the job-site. Don’t let these pictures fool you – Jax was so excited to be there!

Here is Jax and his hard working daddy in September 2013…Look at those chunky cheeks!! (And boy, it must have been nap time.)


Here they are on Friday. My boys are a couple of studs.