Published on Huffington Post? Check.

I have exciting news to share, gang! Yesterday, one of my essays was published on The Huffington Post! For me, this is huge. It’s validation that our story is worth telling and that maybe people want to read it.

I’d  be very grateful if you liked and shared the article with your people. The more likes/shares the more of a chance it has to be featured and the more awareness we can bring to preemie birth and PTSD.

Huffington Post Parents logo

Read When Birthdays Bring Fear: Birth Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on The Huffington Post!

I’m hoping that this will help give me the momentum to keep working on my books. I have two in progress right now. The first is a children’s book about premature birth. The book will include a parent’s guide for talking to their preemie about their early start.

The second book in progress is a memoir about how we found our angels during the times of bad news and stress and how they helped us find and keep hope.

Now that I’ve announced those projects, you all can help keep me accountable, ok? 🙂